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Hey. Privet. Hola.

It is 4.18AM – yet already light outside – and the music is still playing in the courtyard outside the window of my kollegium (student housing). It is the fourth summer in a row that I am abroad: the first I was visiting native Russia, second: studying + conducting research in Santiago, Chile, third: interning in Barcelona, Spain, and currently studying in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) taking a course titled Design + Society.

Interestingly enough, it almost doesn’t feel as if I am abroad. My classmates are mostly all from American universities, and the majority of Danes that I have met and interacted with have near perfect English. Usually I would complain – in my previous study abroad experiences, I was learning and improving my Spanish, and talking to people in English only detracted from that aim. But here, where my course lasts three and a half weeks and the focus is on design rather than on learning language, it is a blessing. I have picked up some words though, although I find Danish quite hard to pronounce – it might have something to do with not saying the words as written. For instance, I live in Hvidovre: pronounced something like “voere”. Often when asking for directions, I say the name of a street – doing my best to be correct – and it is only when I actually point out the spelling that the Danes understand. They then exclaim with the “right way” and it sounds exactly like what I had said.

To return to the beginning, I’m not a night owl. During the semester, I am forced to – all those project classes! But what kept me awake tonight was initially making plans for the weekend – which evolved into plans for the next few weekends, then the summer, then the distant future. And the knowledge that I have no alarm clock set for the morning (no Saturday class!) and the discovery of an awesome artist (Glitch Mob, a mix of electronica and hip-hop beats) certain helped.

I won’t share all of those plans now, but one of them was to start my own personal blog about my travels, fashion, the arts, engineering, technology and innovation . . . from a design student’s perspective.

The sun is rising.

dandelions (my favorite weed!) are everywhere here, rising above the grasses and other plants.


One comment on “Hey. Privet. Hola.

  1. owlbehappy
    June 3, 2012

    Wow, you seem to lead a really awesome life! I hope you keep updating this blog! Can’t wait for future posts.

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This entry was posted on June 2, 2012 by in design, travel.


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