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mixing Water with Fire

This summer, I am focusing on arts and being outside.

More specifics, you ask? By arts, I mean dance and photography, and by outdoors, biking, running, sailing.. picnicking, concerts, and festivals. Also, a lot of dance and photography outdoors.

On that note, I am taking a street photography class at the MIT Student Arts Association (SAA). One of our excursions was to the WaterFire festival in Providence, RI, held several times over each summer. The city lights up bonfires along its river, plays music and installs art exhibitions. Visitors and residents alike crowd the banks, watching the gondolas passing by and enjoying the atmosphere. Water and fire was present of course, but what about earth and air? As for earth, live bands energize dance floors, filled with ballroom dancers mixing with breakdancers. The air was filled with emotions, a colour map if you will: excitement, happiness, and tranquility.

Thank you to our teacher Nikolai for exposing his students to such a wonderful festival! I will definitely be returning.

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