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Excursion Part Three in my SAA Class (see part two here) was New York City: one of my favorite cities! I could begin a list of why that is so but I would not know where to end, so suffice it to say that there exist many interesting people, sights, and activities, and the way that they all come together is incredibly fascinating.

Street photography remains my favorite type of photography. First and foremost I love to capture emotion, but when I am with friends, often I want to directly interact with the emotion and don’t spend as much time photographing (this is why we have photoshoots, both scheduled and impromptu!). On the street I can aim to capture the same emotions, but rather, I interact indirectly through my camera.

Something that I have brought up with my class is my hesitation of photographing certain kinds of people on the street – I do not want to intrude or take advantage. Even though everything that is on public property is fair game (especially since I am not a commercial photographer), I am still wary. I’ve been working on this, but even with this barrier, I still have so much fantastic material! Perhaps it is precisely because I do watch and judge carefully – I was only threatened once, whereas I cannot say the same for the other photographers in my class. Much like gangs of new york, the characters of new york will fight with those that appear to be encroaching upon their territory. In this case, it is better to be a fox or a chameleon, and slip in + blend into the fabric of the city.

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