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I have a fabulous room this summer in Boston and I spent the first week after having moved in sketching and stalking DIY blogs for what I could do with it! Here are some results.

After sketching my idea, I went hunting in hardware shops and on Craigslist for necessary materials. I already had that many scarves (the best accessories: they keep me warm in cold weather, transform into a shirt, work as headbands, protect fragile items when transporting/storing, function as picnic blankets, AND look+feel amazing).

Above is how the room actually turned out. I decided to install wooden rods onto the walls and thread the scarves through those, rather than hanging hooks+rings all over the place. This way I also have room to exhibit (part of) my postcard collection! Pieces that showcase my favourite cities, art galleries, and cool programs.

I carved this out of cork for a class assignment. I joined the class late, so my photo isn’t up on the website, but you can see the results of the other students!

Denmark is known for being super design intense. This is why it is possible to find neat objects like this painted black wooden X in dollarstores (the Danish equivalent.. which even for cheap is made with excellent quality and good aesthetics). Picked this while spending the last of my Kroners (Danish currency) at the airport!

Below are some other angles. Sadly I don’t have any “before” photos (I moved around some of the furniture). A lot of the bigger decorations are found/borrowed: the French theme posters I found under the bed, the palm trees are pre-existing, and the European geographic map (also of French origin!) belongs to my roommate of last year, who found it in her grandma’s attic. The down blanket is also from Denmark (it was too comfortable to leave behind!), the yellow knit a surprise find at the Garment District.. other pieces hail from various markets from all over the world. I love the unique and one-of-a-kind.

I was going to initially find shipping pallets and make a futon frame for the black pillows.. but that would have interfered with the mirrors/scarves. If I were to be staying longer though, I would definitely build the futon and then put in a TV/projector on the opposite wall!

Reusing helps the environment, frees up storage space, and boosts brain activity by thinking creatively. Reuse today!


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  1. Oanh
    August 4, 2012


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