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Trees of Candy + Dancing

(sweets, dancing, and more deliciousness).

In Cali, the barrio of San Antonio is one of the oldest. Here the Chapel of San Antonio sits on the hilltop, overlooking the park, colonial architecture, and the rest of the city below. Locals and tourists alike gather, enjoying each other’s company, and the traditions of the barrio, among which one of the most famous are macetas, “trees of candy.”

candy shop selling macetas with a lovely vista of Cali in the background


 these macetas are made of porcelain


they definitely complement  the local (colourful + exotic!)  fauna and flora 


these bowls are the best  – both beautiful AND functional: how design should always be. 


As towns were traditionally initially built on hills – designed for fortification purposes, this barrio is no different. 


In the park of San Antonio there is always much activity going on: lovers oblivious to the outside world, street vendors selling their wares, storytellers mesmerizing their audiences, and, of course, Cali being the capital of salsa dancing, there is also dancing…

…aka making me incredibly happy. Whenever someone mentions even a hint of dance being at an event or place, I’m immediately sold and want to go.

Every Saturday afternoon, a group meets for baile tipico – folk dancing. I joined in, obviously, doing all sorts of variations of rueda (interchanging partners in a “wheel”) and individual movements together in a circle and, lastly, charreco. I was not able to find the name later, nor something else with the same rules, so, it goes like this:

Guys and girls line up facing each other. When the music starts, all clap energetically to the rhythm. Then, each pair advances towards each other, then retreats, advances again and upon return the girls spin.   


Thereafter the girls do a show of turning back and forth (with accompanying arm movements)


Then, both come towards each other again, and pass, crossing each other, and then back again, and at the end, in the middle, link arms.


. . . third time’s the charm! 


The rest of the song are the aforementioned movements in variations. 

It’s a traditional dance of courtship. The movements mirror it exactly: maybe we like each other, maybe we don’t… we’ll flirt some and play around and in the end we’ll get together and everyone is happy.

I’m going to end with lulada: a drink native to Cali, made from lulo, water, and sugar. It’s like a smoothie, except significantly more delicious.. The fruit lulo itself seems to be a child of of kiwi and lime… mm.

lulada de el mundocredit to El Mundo – so far I’ve always been too busy savouring the lulada to remember to take a photo!


4 comments on “Trees of Candy + Dancing

  1. Noah
    July 2, 2013

    It’s good to hear you’ve found a dance floor that’s up to your standards! The photos are beautiful, keep the posts coming :D.

    • Xenia Antipova
      July 2, 2013

      Haha, finally, I know :) Muchas gracias, and yes, they certainly shall!

  2. Lakshmi Loves To Shop
    July 3, 2013

    I adore the colour in these photographs :-)

  3. vt
    July 3, 2013

    this is awesome! i want to try some lulada :)

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