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Bostonian pride

After being abroad for several months, I’ve returned to Boston. And I’ve realized just how much I love this city! Summer is ending, and chilly windy weather is on the threshold, but Bostonians still gather in throngs outdoors. So many festivals, art, cultures and of course, hanging out on and around the river :) Here follow some highlights of just the past weekend.


The Charles

sailing is a popular pastime..

DSC_0127 is biking and running:

(also note the much loved Clover food truck in the background, and the ubiquitous Asian tourists in the foreground)




MixFest, a free concert held annually at the Hatch Shell. It is near impossible to get into; in fact, this year, I only saw it from by Beacon St, as opposed to being super close as in previous years.

This year, Gavin DeGraw and the Backstreet Boys headlined (photocred to boston magazine).

MixFest boston magazine

still don’t quite understand this horse head trend..


love for all, right?


Because my friend and I weren’t able to actually get into MixFest, we decided to head to Thinking Cup, a fabulous little cafe on Tremont St. Walking through the Commons, we ran into a fair.  At first I wasn’t sure what was going on..

a fair! in Boston?!


Amidst all of the food carts, there slowly emerged another pattern: of stalls promoting marijuana, whether via selling shirts or other means. Massachusetts is currently reviewing a law that would legalize medical marijuana, and I’m guessing that this fair was indeed held to promote its passage. Well, I’m just happy about the dance-y music I found there and all of the people-watching opportunities :)

reminded me a bit of Christiania in Copenhage, Denmark, actually.. 


complete with bedouin type tents selling a smattering of “hippie wares”



the characters there were also just fantastic. check out this girl:


happy faces and swooshy skirts :)


and some used the fair to promote a different kind of agenda:




Veteran’s Day is coming up.. these guys are ready.


as a sidenote, Whole Again is one of the best commercials I have ever seen. It debuted at this year’s superbowl.



Public Art

Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet, is a public art exhibition designed to raise awareness of solutions to climate change.  They’re exhibited in Copley Square and along the Boston Commons. Check out more on their website.


As a little kid who used to read all the time, this is one of my favourites<3


and for all those who just keep on running :)



Runner culture

this past weekend also saw the 2013 B.A.A Half Marathon. 50 MIT students ran in memory of fallen MIT police officer Sean Collier. (photocred to

boston half 2013

sadly didn’t get the chance to train for it again this year. This is from last year:  woo!

half marathon 2012


love. lots of love for Boston<3



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