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Bostonian pride

After being abroad for several months, I’ve returned to Boston. And I’ve realized just how much I love this city! Summer is ending, and chilly windy weather is on the … Continue reading

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Trees of Candy + Dancing

(sweets, dancing, and more deliciousness). In Cali, the barrio of San Antonio is one of the oldest. Here the Chapel of San Antonio sits on the hilltop, overlooking the park, … Continue reading

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Climbing into the clouds of the Farallones

Guarding Cali from the west stand the Farallones mountains. Many go hiking and biking through the various trails, swimming in the rivers that flow out of the mountains, and climbing … Continue reading

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Tasting Magic in Colombia – the best coffee in the world

Coffee: It inspires passion, productivity, and addiction. UPDATE: I was featured on the online front page of Semana, a Colombian national magazine! Here is the article. Colombia, the world’s best-known … Continue reading

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Reuse + DIY

I have a fabulous room this summer in Boston and I spent the first week after having moved in sketching and stalking DIY blogs for what I could do with … Continue reading

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characters of new york

Excursion Part Three in my SAA Class (see part two here) was New York City: one of my favorite cities! I could begin a list of why that is so … Continue reading

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mixing Water with Fire

This summer, I am focusing on arts and being outside. More specifics, you ask? By arts, I mean dance and photography, and by outdoors, biking, running, sailing.. picnicking, concerts, and … Continue reading

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fashionable London

When in a new place, explore as much as possible! Try new foods, engage in conversation, walk down the alley to discover a secret little cafe.. and when exhausted, come home … Continue reading

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Hey. Privet. Hola.

It is 4.18AM – yet already light outside – and the music is still playing in the courtyard outside the window of my kollegium (student housing). It is the fourth … Continue reading

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